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The Push to Pay Now:  Faster Payments, Direct Debit, and the Race Towards Open Banking

This research is designed to provide the following information and analysis:

  • A definition of Faster Payments
  • An examination of market dynamics that have driven Faster Payments network developments in the US, UK, and Australia.
  • Payment scheme design, processing rules and platform development in these countries
  • Risk environment
  • A comparative matrix of debit payment schemes across seven (7) main attributes
  • A review and analysis of regulatory oversight of these schemes
  • Final analysis of market forces including adoption curve learnings from in-market Faster Payment schemes, cost of acceptance and other market drivers

Contents include:

  • Section One: Faster Payments Definition and Global Use Cases
    • US Faster Payments Initiative
    • Global Faster Payments Schemes
  • Section Two: Faster Payments in Context
    • Contrast and Compare
    • Same Day ACH
    • Decoupled debit
    • Direct Debit
    • EFT and Private Networks (DWOLLA)
    • P2P Transfers
    • Checks/Cash
  • Section Three: Regulatory Oversight
    • EFT Transactions
    • Third Party Risk
    • Open Banking
  • Section Four: Market Forces
    • Likely Adoption Curve
    • Cost Of Acceptance
    • Retail Banking Shifting To Fintech Platforms
  • Appendix of Acronyms

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